Only Your Code Can Define You

Side Projects

Here are some projects I developed.
Maybe you will be interested.


The most popular PTT library with 600+ stars.
The first PTT library that can log into PTT on GitHub.

Text to GIF

This is a simple Python script that can convert text to gif in slack format.
This script solves the problem that you need to use several online services to do this.
And the more important thing is it saves your time!

More details:

You Guys Post Too Many

This project is intended to help the hard-working PTT moderators to reduce loading.
This project finds people who have posted too many posts in the past day, even if they delete them.

Publish on this site:
Also publish on Twitter:

PTT One-Time Password

PTT One-Time Password is a dynamic password system of PTT.
You can execute this on your computer and pair it with the Google Authenticator on your phone.
PTT One-Time Password can provide better security for your PTT account.

Triangular Nim

This is Triangular Nim game.
This project proves that there is a winning path for all 9 openings with the first move.

More details:

Minecraft plugin - InvitationSystem

An invite-only plugin for Minecraft servers.


This is the logger I’m used to, except for the usual log functions.
It also helps you to format common data types for output.
Easy to use and thread safe.